Property Owning Client,  Management Company wanting to insure a small residential block. 


They could not get answers from or much help from other brokers they spoke with and were getting very stressed as an elderly parent suffered an emergency, they were recommended to us by their estate agent.

“Just to say a very big 'thank you'. I had spoken to so many companies and was way out of knowledge base and comfort zone so your calm manner and professional intervention greatly appreciated. We have just had another call from the hospital, apparently they are unable to get transport this millennium and so we are going to Norwich now. We will post cheque first class on our way out. Thank you again,”


Client wanting Car Insurance

“I would recommend Andrew Seaman for insurance as he is very thorough, responds quickly and, as so knowledgeable about his products, is able to ensure you have the correct cover for your needs. He saved me money on my car insurance and the time usually used to shop around”


Client wanting Property Owners Insurance

“My partner has been dealing with and covered by the company [FLS General] for 30 years & received a good service”


Client wanting Annual Travel Insurance, previous medical problems

“Pleasure to deal with FLS office, thanks to Mrs J Blight”